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About the Clinic

What makes us different

Vitalize Physical Therapy is a specialty physical therapy clinic. Our clinic was founded to help active women and men live, work, and play without pain or embarrassment. If you are looking for a quick, long lasting, and natural solution to get out of pain, start moving again, and enjoy your life to the fullest for many years to come . . . we want to help you!

Here's the good news - the body has an innate ability to heal itself if we set the conditions right. Many times, this can be accomplished by using specialized hands-on manual therapy techniques such as: soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, active release therapy, visceral mobilizations, instrument assisted myofascial release, myofascial decompression/cupping, joint mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, nerve mobilizations, among others. We will also focus on educating you about your condition and give you a few corrective exercises in order to maintain the changes we make in the clinic. However, we will not waste your time in the clinic doing multiple reps of exercises that you could be doing at home. 


Our goal is to manually restore your body for healing to occur and to get back to being active and doing the things you love again . . . like running, biking, golfing with your friends, traveling in a car or plane, picking up your kids, going to the gym, practicing yoga or pilates, hiking with your family, enjoying sex with your partner, or having fun and laughing with your friends without peeing or pooping your pants! What are your goals? What are you missing out on because you have pain or embarrassment? When you’re in pain and living on pain meds or avoiding the things you used to love doing . . . you’re not really living. We care about getting you back to enjoying your life again and want to help you make your goals a reality! 

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