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Forever Learning

Natalie is a bona fide nerd and has a passion for learning. It's important that she stay up on the latest and greatest so that you get the best, most current evidence based treatment.


Belmont University - Nashville, TN (2012)

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN (2009)

Bachelor of Science Movement and Sports Science

Certified pic - website.jpg


Pelvic Physical Therapy Certified (CAPP) 

Extra Learning

APTA Section on Women's Health

Pelvic Health Level 1 (2014 - East Lansing, MI)

Pelvic Health Level 2 (2015 - Bolingbrook, IL)

Pelvic Health Level 3 (2016 - St. Louis, MO)

Gynecologic Visceral Manipulation (2013 - Pomona, CA)

Pelvic Floor Intervention Strategies for Urogenital & Breast Cancer Rehabilitation (2016 - St. Louis, MO)

Herman and Wallace

Pelvic Floor Capstone (2017 - Columbus, OH)

Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment Level 2B - Teaching Assistant (2019 - Indianpolis, IN)

The Barral Institute

Visceral Manipulation 1 (2016 - Milwaukee, WI)

Visceral Manipulation 2 (2017 - Ann Arbor, MI)

Visceral Manipulation 3 (2018 - Denver, CO)

Other Continuing Education Courses

Knowing What Tissues to Treat (2010 - Nashville, TN)

Musculoskeletal Treatment for the Pregnant and Post-Partum Client (2012 - Madison, WI)

The McKenzie Method - Part A: Lumbar Spine (2013 - Downer's Grove, IL)

Integrated Trigger Point Dry Needling Part 1 (2014 - Madison, WI)

Integrated Trigger Point Dry Needling Part 2 (2014 - Madison, WI)

Pain, Science and Pelvic Health; Manual Therapy & Neurodynamics (2018 - Chicago, IL) 

Model Fertility Awareness for Family Planning and Women's Health (2019 - Indianapolis, IN)

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